How long for a cats fur to grow back after surgery, please?

My cat was spayed on 17th October - and the vet did a fine job of shving her tummy. The fur is barely growing, and she still has a little white tum! How long did it take your female cats hair to grow back? It seems to be taking forever
First I would like to thank you for being a responsible pet owner and having your cat spayed.

Hair grows back on cats at different rates depending upon the season of the year and the climate. The winter and summer coats grow in fast, while as the regular hair growth can be seen as slow. If your cat has all ready gotten her winter coat it will take a while for the hair to grow back in.
About a month or so. It doesn't take too long.
We had to shave our cat's hair once, and it took a couple months to grown completely back
My cat it took almost 3 months for him to get fur and still right now it isn't back to complete normal. Cats fur grow really really slow.
it took my cats about 2 months and it was all grown back'with short hair. it's coming.
It took my cat about a month or so to get her fur back, but she does have long hair, so her hair probably grew a little more quickly, but dont really know if that has anything to do with it between long hair and short hair cats.
it will take about three months. my cat was spayed and i belive that's as long as it took.

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