Im hiding 2 kittens from my parents?

im hiding 2 kittens i got them for free and im not alowed to hold a kitten cuz my mom dosint like them what should i do
Answers: first bring water!! ok next go to the store and obtain cat food and cute little bed or u can probably make a cute little bed! u should probably tel ur parents that i found these to sweethearts outside adjectives cold and 1 had a hurt leg. or u can simply say mommy i get these kittens can we plz plz keep them!! i will do anything! plzzzz..! until they agree beside u lol hopei helped u out. :)
whats the cross-question?
You should take the kittens to a near-by shelter and later You will have no problems.
Give them wager on to the people you get them from, or take them to your local shelter.

There is no method you will be able to put by two kittens. Why on earth would you be in motion behind your parents' vertebrae?
don't hide them from your parents. the longer you enjoy them, the madder they'll get when they find out. share them you've gotten very attached to them and do things for your parents to show you are responsible ample to have animals.
You should of talk to your parents about the kitten. That be not right at all. TWO kittens are greatly of work! They need to stir out, they might meow. You can't just pretend they don't exist. Tell your parents! Don't darken the kitten. How would you feel if you have to be hidden? Let your parents know!
um ask your grandparents or friends if they would similar to to have the cats
As a parent myself, you stood a much better shot of eventually self able to own one before going at the back your moms back and purposely disobeying her, which solitary reinforces your immaturity. Fess up and back her find new homes for them.
I would agree to my parents and see if you can keep them and if they utter no then you requirement to find a home for them.
Find a new home for them.

Because when (not if) your parents find them in attendance will be holy hell to pay and I can guarantee you won't be keeping them.
you shouldn't covering pets from your parents. what are you going to do about food and a litter box. and if you're keeping them surrounded by your room, they might sneak out when your mom gets the laundry or the door isn't shut adjectives the way. later you'll be in big trouble. you should freshly tell her that you hold them and that you'll take watchfulness of them, but you must follow through. also if she wants you to find a home for them. sort her a deal. if you can't find a home contained by a month or so, you get to preserve them. that's how i got to maintain my cats
your parents will find out sooner or later, so you might as powerfully just put in the picture them, so they can either revise thier minds about letting you enjoy cats, or so they can take them to an animal shelter for you.

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