Can you use eye drops on cats?

Cats eye irritated around eye.
ONLY if they are made for cats. NEVER use ANY human medicine on animals except if your vet tells you that it is safe to use and they tell you proper dosage, and how often to give it.
take her to the vet, there can be several reasons the eye is irritated and until you know what it is you shouldn't put anything in there. Cod liver oil is ok to put in their eye and it will reduce inflamation and not hurt them, but seriuously,
NO!NO!NO! Unless a vet gives you medicine never use human medicine on a cat. Cats can not take human medicine. Dogs can take some but cats will die
Don't use any human medicines on a cat unless a vet directs you to.

Human medicines are calibrated to a strength for an adult weighing at least 100 pounds, or for children's products, a child weighing at least 30 pounds. They're too strong for a cat that weighs 20 pounds or less. Plus they may contain ingredients that are not good for, or even toxic to, cats.

Some eye irritations cats have will clear up on their own. Just wipe their faces with plain water on a soft cloth.

Other eye infections, however, need a prescription from a vet.
If the cat's eyes don't clear up within a week, or if they get redder or puffy or the secretion from them gets thick and yellowish, the cat needs to see the vet.
no!!!!!!!!! if the vet gives u the medicine then use it
Not that I know of. Call your vet and check with the secretary and they will be able to answer your question for free. Hope kitty s feeling better.
I had A friend Put drops in Cat's eyes And The cat Instantly Started Foaming At The Mouth And Hacking...
Do not use anything that is for humans in your cat's eye. Only use whatever your vet prescribes for your cat ( drops or ointment) depending on what the problem is. Human drops will irritate only more!!
No you can't unless youa re a professional vet.

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