My 4 month old kitten has a medium size bump on his lower back on the left side,?

He isnt limping but it seems to be sensitive. I am very concerned, and I was wondering if anyone knows what it might be?? He recently has been treated for fleas and gotten all his vaccines.
Has he been bitten by anything recently? I would call the vet ASAP and find out if its a reaction from the shots.
I really do not know what that could be. I would recommend seeing you cats vet, and ask him/her what that lump is.
Get him to the vet right away! There are TONS of things this lump could be, and no one on here will be able to tell you.
My cat had a same size bump on his lower chin! It went away 3 days later without any vet medication! You should get your cat to the vet though, what if it's a tumor.

Take care and i hope your cat gets better!

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