About a tapeworm?

My husband saw something coming out of my cat's behind. He call the vet, they asked what it looked like, and they told us to come get hold of medicine for a tapeworm. We give the cat the medicine.

Question is...when will we know when it's gone? Don't spare the injured details.
Answers: If you got the medication into the cat and he/she didn't spit it out latter, what generally happen is that the drug kills the fully developed tapeworm, and the cat digests it once it's dead. Kitty get the last crow. Once in a while, especially if the cat have several (usually only if they are visibly pot-bellied from have so many), dead worms will be expelled. Fortunately, this is not adjectives. You should check your cat's rear expire daily for a couple of weeks to ensure that you see no more of the rice-grain sized segment.

Also, in most parts of the country, tapeworms surrounded by cats come from eating an infected flea, so if your cat have any fleas (even one), you'll need to see your flea control into gear to prevent re-infection. Advantage and Frontline are my personal favorites for spot-on products.

Fortunately, tapeworms are more gross than really harmful, though they can assassinate young kittens.

You did the right article and probably won't see a thing anywhere! ;-)
If they vet give you the medicine it'll be gone and you won't own anymore problems if you keep your cat on flea control. Some areas cats should also be on heartworm preventative which most deworm for roundworm, hookworms. Tapeworms come from fleas or if your cat go outside, some rodents.

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