About my kitten.If anyone have a clue,please tolerate me know?

When my kitten was 8 weeks mature,he developed a strange illness,it started close to an injury,he limped on his hind leg,later within hrs he also started to totter on his front leg,so he could hardly stand.I took him to the vet where on earth there be no conclusive results,and 24 hrs later he be back to middle-of-the-road as though nothing ever happen.I just assumed it be the end until 5 months after that he started limping again,first on his hind leg,then by the subsequent morning his front and hind leg(right side,last time it be his left),then his breath took on a fundamentally smelly odor,and he started to tremor violently,he started to hold trouble opening his mouth too,and intake was almost impossible,so subsidise to the vet we went,and $200.00 latter,still inconclusive,and again a little more that 24 hours after it started,it be over,and he was everyday.
I do know that it isn`t liver or kidney related,and that he was tested for 2 other adjectives illnesses with his symptoms(can`t remember the name,but they were also negative)
Answers: Get another vet's view. Maybe they are more skilled, and will help you to discover the problem. Good luck and I hope he get better
I think you rvet trained the kitten to do that stuff, so he can form a bunch-o money from you!

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