Is milk bad for adult cats?

Regular cow's milk is not good for most adult cats because they tend to be lactose-intolerant and can't properly digest it. Even better than milk, however, is cream. Most cats will love the butter fat in cream and it is actually good for them in small amounts and has less lactose than milk. A small saucer of cream is more satisfying to a cat than milk and is less likely to upset their digestive system.

If you want to treat your cat to milk (because even with the lactose issue, they still seem to like it), try a lactose-free version like one I've found called "Cat-Sip". It's real, lactose-free 1% lowfat ultra pasteurized milk that's fortified with taurine, and cats really seem to love it. Mine do.
Yes. Small quantities may not hurt her, but it's not healthy food for a cat. (adult or otherwise, assuming we're talking about cows' milk)
Cats are lactose intolerant. They cannot digest cows milk, so it gives them diarrhea.
Cats should not have milk because it is not good for them. A little in moderation is okay but VERY LITTLE. I will give them diarrhea and that is not good!! they do sell a milk at pet store that is made for cats and that milk is okay
some cats are lactose intolerant (more or less like being allergic to milk) and most vets i know don't recommend it
yes. very bad they start making shits like liquid ;D i don't know how to say it in english correctly, so it doesn't sound very good
It's not good for them. It can cause them to become sick. Cause them to vomit or have diarrhea. They develop a lactose intolerance as they grow into adults. It causes pain in their stomach and distention from gas much in the same way dairy effects humans who are lactose intolerant.
It can give them diereha.. so yes lol
I have always been told NOT to give cats milk PERIOD! It gives them the POOPS! It' not good for them and not neccessary. And besides, they need water.
yes it is! it is hard for them to digest it.
Yes, because they have a hard time digesting it it makes them sick.
If it is my cat doesn't know it, she has milk every day from my husbands cereal bowl..When I was growing up our cat and kittens would always meet my dad @ milking time to get a saucer full of warm milk.
Yes milk is bad for cats most animals are lactose intolerant and is hurts there stomachs. There is a milk made from whiskis called cat milk it is 98 % lactose free and it is pretty cheap to i get it at my local grocery store
Well, yes, it is pretty bad. It is even worse for kittens, 'cuse their stomachs are still building stronger and growing. But I don't think you should give adult cats milk either. Water is a lot better.
yes. unless it's cat milk that you would buy from a pet store because milk that you or i drink has been treated and pasturized so it wouldnt be healthy for cats. even if you use the cat milk you only want to use it as a special treat. its very dangerous and unhealthy for a cat to live off of milk.
I don't know if it is bad but my cats don't tolerate milk very well. They drink water.
Yes as most adult cats are lactose intolerant. It could cause a gastrointestinal problem.
Your cat can get diarrhea from milk.
yes yes yes!!
i read in a magazine its not good for ADULT cats, kittens are ok

if u gave an adult cat milk already, it wont die, but might have not so serious stomach issues (no vet is required cause this happened to my cat before)

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