How do i talk my boyfriend into us getting another cat?

my friend is moving away and needs a home for her rescue cat. its the most cutest cat! but my boyfriend is putting his foot down as we have 4 cats already. all well behaved and poo trained etc. they spend most their time outdoors.
I understand his point as he doesn-t want us to turn into some sort of rescue centre,
i-ve tried alsorts to convince him, nothing is working. don-t want to have to resort to blackmail
my friend found it when it was a few days old and i just want to give it a good home.!!help please
I think you should just get the cat. If you already have 4 im sure another one wont do any harm, you wont need to buy much more food for it or pay that much more in vets bills. Once its at home he will probably get used to it and give it affection and eventually agree to let you keep it and not want it to go to another home! Tell him if you dont take it on it will end up stray and might not even survive...
Good for you. The kitty needs a good home like yours. I hope you can do it
1. keep begging him to keep it, and eventually he'll give in.
2.put an add in the paper
3.give it to another friend/shelter
Oh for goodness sake darling, just get the cat, take control. This is the year 2007, we rule the roost now. If he wants to leave you over a cat, he wasn't worth having in the first place.
if you want to keep your boyfriend try and find it a good home somewhere else. a freind,family member etc.. good luck...
seriously 4cats is alot but you obviously love them!! you want one,he doesn't!.. compromise with him! ask him to take i the cat and if he does you wont ask for another cat(for a while anyway!!).. reason with him,it might work
Good luck =)
I don't think I would beg him as it might put your relationship in jeopardy. However the kitty needs a good loving home. I would propose to him that you "rescue" the kitten temporarily until it gets healthy and old enough to "adopt" out. By the time the kitten is old enough to do this, your boyfriend is probably going to be attached and not want to get rid of the kitten! :)
Agree that this will be the last cat and allow him one major indulgence (within reason!) in return.
you could trick him and do something else for him once you start feeling guilty.
you have 4 cats already- why don't you take this time to find a home for that cat instead of driving your boyfriend crazy with this? Its litter box trained so it shouldn't be too hard to find a home for it.why hasn't your friend found a home for HER cat? Why do people get pets then decide to just get rid of them.I hate that!
Sounds like its the cat or the BF. Keep doing things like this and you won't have a boyfriend. That's too many cats and I agree with him. Sometimes you have to respect others especially if you are living together. I am sure he won't marry someone who disrespects his wishes so blatenly unless he's completely hen pecked. If that's what you want get your cat. When kids come into your life you will forget about cats. SPCA is your best bet.
It may be that the best way for you to help your friend and her cat is not to take the cat in yourself. If you've talked it out thoroughly with your boyfriend and you cannot convince him to take this cat in, even if you provide him with a signed statement saying that you will not get any more cats as long as these five are still around, you're not going to convince him. You can help your friend by seeing if there's any housing in her price range avaiable where she is going to move that allows animals, helping her to advertise the cat to potential new homes and screen people to find a suitable one, or - if worst comes to worst - finding a no-kill animal shelter where she can leave the cat.
just tell him it will be purrrrfect
Aargh! Mee-woww!
grab his manhood in your teeth and bite until he agrees
tell him this cat needs more love and show him the cat hopefully it will take to your boyfriend and keep him purring
your the woman your the boss duh
I had the same dilemma - so gave my husband a night to remember - and he'd have said yes to just about anything. Alternatively you could take it in temporarily and advertise for a new home.
wait 'till he comes home and greet him knaked, he will do what ever you want him to within five minutes.
You can't convince him to take on another animal if he really doesn't want to. What you're doing is tantamount to bullying and if you get your own way your boyfriend will eventually resent both the cat and you. Let your friend find another home for the cat, there are plenty of people just as loving and caring as you and your friend.
well he does have a point you have 4 cats.

maybe giving it to another home might be best. get a different animal instead. because its always great to have a change.

just get the cat and hide it in the house somewhere.if your boyfriend finds it start crying and say that the poor little kitty had nowhere else to long as you're gonna be taking care of the cat there's nothing for him too be to annoyed about.
ask him for a pony first

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