Any of you know how to hang on to a pregnant cat?

Well, I just started notice that my cat has be very idle, so, I looked at her utters, and they were huge. My dad checked up on her, and he found out that she be pregnant!!!

So, my stupid cat is gonna have little kitty. But, my mom wants to procure rid of her since she doesn't want 12 more furballs running around my house. Anyway, I told my mom that If I can sell em', everything will be alright, and we preserve the cat.

Any of you know ANYWHERE I can sell kittens and still know they're ok?
Answers: I am guessing you permit your cat go outside & you didn't bring back her spayed. If that is the overnight case, of course she is going to gain pregnant & she isn't the stupid one, you are.

If she is that huge, she is probably close to delivering her litter.

I doubt your cat will hold 12 kittens, that is massively unusual.

Once the cat has her litter, whip special care of her & insure she have food & water so the kittens will capture the best nutrition when they nurse. Once the kittens are 6 to 8 weeks old & weaned, find them perfect homes. With so many kittens already man dumped at shelters, the chances of selling your kittens is impressively slim. Try to find good homes beside friends, family & possibly through the vet's bureau.

Once the kittens have tentative homes, get your cat fixed. Cats can own several litters every year & millions of cats & kittens are put to death every year, mostly due to negligent/lazy pet owners.
Check with adjectives of your friend/family members, and you can other put a short ad surrounded by the classified section of your rag.

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