Wild cats with a wolf worm question?

i have a small wild cat that i feed and she has got a large worm[wolf]inbeded in her chest,it is all pusy and big.how can i help this poor cat with out having to shoot it.
> What are symptoms of wolf worm in cat?
Wolf Worm is a nick name for the larvae of a cuterebra fly, also known as Bot Fly. It is most commonly seen as Warbles in wild rabbits and squirrels, but has also been found on the domestic cat.

Bot fly larvae appear as a hole in the skin that moves and/or tumor like lumps under the skin that can be seen to move or wiggle with a hole dead center. This is the worm under the skin. The hole is there so they can breathe. Contrary to the old wives tale that bot fly eggs are ingested and kill the animal from eating from the inside out, the larvae is from an egg that the bot fly lays on the animal. It hatches and burrows into the skin. They are most commonly found around the head or neck.

Bot fly larvae in the skin are serious due to the secondary infection that they can cause, but the living larvae themselves do not contribute to the problem. Where they become deadly serious is when the animal scratches and kills the larvae, causing a secondary infection that can be extremely serious if it goes unnoticed. Also they may affect the trachea or brain (as can be common in cats). The symptoms of a trachea infection are coughing, chocking, gagging and respiratory. Brain infestations manifest with various neurological symptoms.

If you suspect bot fly larvae, please take the cat to the vet. While you may believe you can safely remove the larvae, the risk is too great that there are other larvae and/or that some of the larvae remain in the wound, causing a possible fatal infection.
Trap it and take to a vet...if not it is going to die....
Take the cat to the Vet and don't hurt the cat and that is very mean if you are going to shoot it. If you had a worm inbedded in you would you want someone to do that to you? The cat did not do anything to you .
take it to the vet, he can deal with the grossness.
(Shooting is sometimes the only alternative. I grew up in farmland and lead bullets were a very popular medicine. I had many pets put down that way, by my dad. So I don't ever hold that against anyone.)
To catch it, rent a humane trap from the local tractor supply, ace hardware, or a store like that. Bait it and have a vet on call, so to say, for when you catch it.

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