Need a "duo" label for a boy and girl kitten I'm adopt tomorrow.?

So far I'm thinking maybe Tiger and Lily or Calvin (boy) and Hobbes (for the girl).

Don't really wanna do the Bonnie and Clyde or the Sid and Nancy route. I want something a touch different and creative and very cute.

I be going to adopt a friend's kitty but they have established to keep it, so immediately I am getting two kittens. Both were born next to crooked front legs, but the girl's legs and one of the boy's legs have straightened out, and also the boy's crooked front leg doesn't fetter his movement. They are apparently creme-colored tigers with white tips on their tail.

I go find them tomorrow and I can't WAIT but I need name!

Thanks for all serious suggestions.
Answers: Hawking and Helen (overcame disabilities)
Him & Her
Sugar and Spice
Dumb and Dumber
Lucy and ricky or fred and ethil
Brains and Braun
Sid and Nancy, Bonnie and Clyde?
Jack & Jill.
simba & naala
pooh & tigger
piece 1 & thing 2
george & gracie
fred & ginger
bonnie & clyde
tristan & isolde
harry & sally
tweedledee & tweedledum
This is a great website I name my little puppy using it =)

Captain & Tennille
Sonny and Cher *big smile* love it, lol. Hope you come up with something great!

Best of luck!
boy : simba
girl : nola
tic and tac =)
Hunky and Dorey
Sparky and Lizzy
Phil and Daisy
Onyx and Topaz
Pinky and Brain. LOL
Max and 99 (From the ancient TV series Get Smart).
jeromaru and kagaromaru
ryder and reina
kagome and inuyasha
iichii and india
naraku and bankotsu
mokuba and onigumo
Luke & Leia
Calvin & Hobbes (oh wait, you chose that already, Sorry. I enjoy two cats named this)
Mulder & Scully
Helen & Troy
Yin & Yang
Dharma & Greg
Will & Grace
Ross & Rachel
Deliliah & Stalker
Walker & Texas Ranger

I could move about on...
Samson and Delilah
Antony and Cleopatra
Ben and Jerri (with an "i" for the girl)
Cotton and Polly (as in "polyester")
Linus and Lucy
Adam and Eve
Dagwood and Blondie
Elvis and Priscilla
Franklin and Eleanor (as contained by Roosevelt)
Kermit and Piggy
Lancelot and Guinevere
Oscar and Emmy
Betty and Archie. Will and Grace. Mary and Joseph. Punch and Judy. Adam and Eve. Sampson and Delila. King Leo and Queen Anne. Henrietta Pussycat and "X" the owl.
Kate & Leopold (Kate & Leopold)
Rose & Jack (Titanic)
Peter Pan & Wendy or Peter Pan & Tinkerbell (Peter Pan - like you didn't already know)
Danny & Sandy (Grease)
Fred & Ginger (Fred Astair & Ginger Rogers)
BamBam & Pebbles (The Flintstones)
Meredith & Derek (Grey's Anatomy)
sonny & cher? (my 4 year dated daughter named our kittens.Bobo & Bella :)
Donnie and Marie
George and Gracie
Lilo and Stitch
Fred and Wilma
Jack and Jill
Scarlet and Rhett
Brad and Angie
Frick and Frack
Riff and Raff
Sonny and Cher
Well, let's see here---how 'bout "Jack" and "Jill"? or "Buddy" and "Holly"? And, YES--I DO similar to "Tiger" for the boy and "Lily" for the girl. I've always have my kitties for at lowest a week before I settled on a christen because I'd watch not with the sole purpose their colors, but mainly their personality. Kittens are so much fun and SO very entertaining---who wishes a TV when you have an almost continuous "Live" activities?? I KNOW you'll have a great time near these little ones. Best of luck to you in the describe department.
Mischief (female) & Havoc (male)
Well, Popeye was a bandylegged little guy and his girlfriend Olive Oyl be definitely taller. Or possibly you could call one Gilligan and one Professor - or Professor and MaryAnn or even Gilligan and Ginger. Sorry, newly thinking of sailors duos.

Cats can be quite literary, you could do Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, or something for a time more modern like Galadriel and Legolas of the Lord of the Rings.

You could also budge the Alliteration route - Abraham and Abigail, Zoey and Zack.

Or go for their colors - Ginger and Cream. (although if I be a little tom, I'd express doubts to being call Cream.)
Johnny and Jenny
My mom got 2 ginger cats at a farmers bazaar a number of years ago, bro & sis gingers...she call them after the comic strip characters Hagar (the Horrible, but he's a sweetie) and Helga.
I always turn to a favorite book. Think of a story that you like as a child or while in university and choose two characters. The more obscure, the more interesting.
Hansel and Gretel? Hamlet and Ophelia?

I also close to the Sonny and Cher and Captain and Tenille suggestions. Maybe Peaches and Herb?
Anyway, hope you find something creative.
Chalk and Cheese

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