And it comes to the edict... Bird or Cat?

I have a cat... It's only just a normal $20 cat that be cute when it was a kitty. So very soon the cat cries constantly... because it wants the damp food and refuses to munch through the cheap dry stuff. Talk about expensive. It never let me hold it either. There isn't any thank yous for cleaning up it's poop or spending 30 a month for raining food. oh, of course here isn't!

Then the pet store lady say we could have free Cockatail eggs if we looked-for. I want, yes. But the cat, I know WILL get this bird. No doubt in the region of it at all, nope. I cannot hold both of them. It's simply too expensive. So.. What would YOU do?

Cat. or Bird?
Answers: My wife has a parakeet . . . WE do not enjoy it, she does (lol). Both of us want cats as well -- I told her that after we draw from a cat, I will buy the cat some barbecue sauce, open the shut within, and see what happens.
Guess which side I'm on?
Ive have birds and you will tire of taking care of it.
The cat roams around and only just eats and poops , you will really be cleaning up poop beside a bird as they are more messy than a cat.
Believe me ...keep the cat !
First of adjectives have you ever raise a day dated baby from birth? Do you know how complex and time consuming it is to get up every two hours to nurture one or two tiny drops of formula? Do you know the exact temp and consistency the formula needs to be to prevent crop rot or worse crop burn? Do you hold an incubator set up for these eggs? DO NOT TAKE THE EGGS!! Besides shame on you. The cat is YOUR responsibility and he didn't ask you to buy him, you chose to now you have need of to feed and fastidiousness for your animal as promised when you brought kitty home.

EDIT: Honestly it doesn't matter if you enjoy had a million and one birds. If you hold never hand feed a baby bird at a weaning age, you are contained by no position to hand nurture a day prehistoric bird. Leave this to the professionals. I learned how to paw feed from an experienced breeder for months until that time I was set to do it on my own. It's not something that you can pick up in an hour. If you don't do it exactly correct the babies will suffer a horrible bumpy slow death. So I say aloud it one more time. DO NOT TAKE THE EGGS!
She is giving you the egg? I don't know roughly that-- unless you know alot about bird raise. Do you know how to keep it heat up?? How to feed it IF it hatch?? I would stay with the cat.

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