About my cat...?

my cat recently have worms and i gave it some pills the vet gave it and the other cat is fine but it get outside the other day and ever since afterwards he wont eat or drink and have anal bleeding when it attempts to use the restroom..plz help if u know what this is or how to facilitate:
Answers: "What this is"? What this is is a reason to capture your poor cat back to the vet. Did you really distribute your cat medicine from the vet or something that you found at a store? I find it a bit curious that you would come online and question strangers if this cat's already beneath treatment by a vet.
sadly, that manner of reaction is adjectives too common next to wormers, even from the vet. Wormers are toxic, otherwise it wouldn't kill the worms. Look for a fluent, holistic alternative to worming medication. Your vet will just tender more useless medication in an attempt to cover your cat's allergic reaction to the meds.

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