My cat is my shadow and follows me around EVERYWHERE!?

I love my cat very much, but the elder he gets, the more he become my shadow! Everytime I switch rooms, he follows me. If I close the door to go to the bathroom, he will cry and paw at it. When I turn on our apartments balcony to smoke, he tries to come out next to me or he'll scratch the window's blind and meow to come out. I go down the stairs, he comes. I run up the stairs, he comes. I sit at the computer, he'll paw at my leg and meow until I give him attention.

How can I kind him more independant?? This is driving me NUTS!! I've had him for over 2 yrs and its never be this bad, but it slowly get worse as time goes on and I want to break the cycle.

Answers: My experience is that this is not singular behavior for a male cat. I be not surprised to see that you work from home. The cat is used to having you around and become anxious when you are not there. i don't suppose that another cat would help because he would merely be jealous. Possibly a bird feeder or a fish reservoir might distract him temporarily. You might just enjoy to pick a time of day that you close the door on him and own your space. If it becomes factor of a routine, then the cat might eventually adopt it and realize that you will be available after. Try it for a few weeks.
Your cat just really loves you and requests your attention! Your cat must sense that you are a animal lover.. I would just trademark sure you give him some feature attention.. Just you and him for at least 10 min. Maybe he won't be so apt to follow you around or conceivably he still will. Some cats are very loving and require lots of attention. Cats atmosphere can be hurt too.
Just face it, the cat loves you! :o)
Does he own enough toys or stuff for his on a daily basis activites? Maybe you should check them if he needs anything just about his toilet, his nails or his fun. Or probably you should give some affection to him when you come home, play sometime until he get bored.
Because it seems that he is trying to update you that he is bored and wants some attention.
If you hold not neutered him on the other hand you should do this since he may be less alive and calm.
Aww, he a short time ago loves you. Can you get a second kitty for him to play next to? Also, I would advise you close the eyes to his crying when you go out to smoke. Cats hold a high rate of cancer, especially around their jaws from licking that cast-offs, when they live with someone of a mind to smoke near them. I can't say-so I never have have a cigarette (not a smoker, but I dont mind smokers and I smoke from time to time with a friend), so I am not adage this to be against smokers, but you have to come up with of your kitty's health. If you already do maintain him inside, then pay no attention to that comment, it is for other people -- I hold seen too frequent people even smoke INDOORS to provide cancer to their pets, as all right as their neighbors.
Yes your cat is definately affectionate. My cat is exactly the same and if i jump on the computer she jumps on the baby grand or if i read she pulls the book away and sits on it. She is jealous when i try to do anything else and wants a lot of attention. We filch it in turns to make a contribution her a lot of love and play beside her. After that she is often tired and will own a bit of a sleep. Is she alone in the daytime? Would she approaching another cat? You could always try out fostering a cat for a shelter within order to try her out next to another cat. Shelters are often looking for foster family when they are full or crowded. Some cats like the company of other cats but regularly when they have be on their own for a while they don't. At least your cat loves you.
In combination to what others have said, pocket him to the vet for any unusual behavior. he may be trying to tell you that he requests medical care. own him xrayed for tumors, e.g.
I think you answered your own interrogate. "he'll paw at my leg and meow until i give him attention". I own 5 cats and 2 of those are like yours. When any wants attention I make available it to them. Either loving pet, hug, or sometimes just reach a deal to them. All of my cats follow me around the house, in the bathroom is a favorite. When I step to bed they are all 5 surrounded by there somewhere beside me. They are my "kids".
Are you sure that he is not sick? He probably isn't because this is ongoing behavior but it never hurts to inquire.

Undoubtedly your cat is highly bonded to you but this have made it more difficult and stressful for him and obviously annoying for you. Your cat have separation anxiety and you are the being to whom he have become overly attached.

You can retain your bond with him, keep hold of his affection and still get more alone time. He requirements to be able to stand on his own four legs and savour his own alone time.

Your cat feels totally, very unpromising (frightened, anxious, maybe even physically sick) when he is out of your presence. Since this is base in anxiety, you want to create smaller number stress for him.

While you are at home, make him be more independent by not allowing him to sit surrounded by your lap or anywhere else that he can touch you. He can sit implicit you but not right on or next to you.

If he sleeps contained by your bed, put up pillows or bolsters so he simply cannot sleep right next to you. Give him a comfortable and cozy cat teepee or something similar that will clear him feel immobilize all by himself.

If he doesn't own one, you can build or buy him a tall perch (cat tree, shelves, etc.) from where on earth he has a landscape of the outdoors with a bird feeder or a tree where on earth he can watch entertainment.. The height help reduce anxiety for cats and he can focus his mind on something else.

You can play near him several times a day for 30 minutes respectively time to take some of his excess vigour and anxiety out. Please do not use the laser pointer because that toy causes more anxiety.

Feed him his meal in small portions. Place his food down and after leave the room. The notion is to make him associate pious things even when you are not there. When you resign from, give him a long continuing treat like a chunk of chicken that he have to chew for awhile. This also helps him to associate fitting things with your disappearing.

When you leave the house or come home, brand the leavings and greetings completely boring and low key. Ignore him when you come home for at tiniest 15 minutes. Don't pick him up or feed him or play next to him. Don't even look at him.

You can also use drugs from your vet that do not dope him up but that change his brain chemistry so that he no longer feel the need to be constantly next to you. You can use them along with other methods and later taper them off when he develops unknown behaviors.

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