Does my cat throw up because he's nervous?

Whenever there is some sort of scary noise or something that sort of scares him out of his normal comfort level he seems to throw up about an hour or a little less later. For instance, when we used our new vacuum for the first time he got scared and ran away and then about an hour later threw up. And two days ago they were trimming trees outside of my window and it was making a loud noise, and he became visibly nervous (moving around, not sitting in one place, wouldn't let me hold him) and about an hour later he vomited. Could nervousness be causing him to vomit?
Hi, If it is just occasionally that this happens then it is probably stress. Our cat is terrified of the vacuum and we tell her we are going to ZOOM and she runs and hides upstairs in the closet till we call her.
If it is frequent like daily or several times a day your fur baby needs to be checked. It could be a food allergy and you would have to rule out the foods. Lots of cats are allergic to beef or fish.
A cat is an obligate carnivore and should be on a high protein and lose carbohydrate diet 10% or less carbs.
It should also be wet food. Contact me and I can tell you more about the diet. I have studied cats and their problems for about 4 hours a day since December. Hope I helped. Bonnie
Yes, I believe so.
For instance, if you feed a dog, and they get really excited, the food moves around in their gut way too fast, and causes them to vomit. I believe this is the case with your cat.
Definately take him to your local vet. He/she can give him an injection that will settle his tummy.
Hope that helped!
I think so. my friend has a cat that gets a loose stool when something in his environment scares him. You should try to get a look at your cat's stool when this happens. My friends cat has irritable bowel disease, and he takes prednisone to control it.
Well, yeah, but I would take him to the vet if it continues or you see other signs of something wrong. He may be having symptoms of something else and that could make him nervous to start with and the noise just sets it off. When you can actually see something is wrong, I get worried because usually it's hard to pick up symptoms. My cat had cat leukemia three times. I took him to the Cat Hospital around here and told them he has the symptoms and they said, oh, no. I told them at least twice. I came back the next day and he was dead. They said it was cat leukemia. Hm. It's pretty common too. Usually they stagger and the eyes may roll or jump showing the dizziness. I will always have love Rusty. But it's the happy memories that pick me up every time. My sister enlarged a big picture of him and put it in a frame as a gift. It was beautiful and the most loving, treasured gift I ever got.
When an animal eats and gets scared or is startled by noise it can get sick cause its like a person with motion sickness. They feel sick and end up throwing up there food. Also cats get sick when they have stomach problems of digesting there food. If you changed the type of food maybe thats the problem if not then you should take the cat to the vet to make sure he does not have other problems you can't see. Hope things work out for you.
take your kittie to the vet to make sure there isn't anything else making him throw up, but it sounds like when he's stressed out, that's what happens. same with people. some people react to stress physically, some emotionally, some a little bit of both.
It is possible, but I would have him vet checked to be sure. My kitten was doing the same thing and it turned out to be FIP, and when I took her to the Vet she only had a few months left to live. If his belly is starting to look like a pregnant cat or be a little round I would definitely get him to the Vet. Hopefully it is just nerves but ya never know. Better to be safe then sorry. Vomiting is not healthy in any case. Maybe they could per scribe something for anxiety or for the vomiting. If it continues to vomit it will become dehydrated and sick.

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