What to do for 6 week kittens beside fleas?

I just get 2 kittens that are 6 or 7 weeks old and they hold fleas. All flea products at the store are for kittens 12 weeks and older. What to do?
Answers: Tell your vet and he should present you something for young kittens. If not later go to petco or petsmart and ask one of the populace that work their. When i my pets(1 cat and 1 dog) my cat had fleas and he be 10 weeks and my vet gave me something for him. Dont forget to vacume where on earth they sleep and stay alot. Spray their bed with spray to butcher fleas ( available at any petco/petsmart). Dont let them outside because they might be from near. Hope this helped.
Ps: if you vet doesnt hand over you anything then you can bequeath him a bath( it can be very tough though) with some break free, shampoo for sensative skin. Soap kills fleas. You can also comb him next to a flea comb.
Just try to wash them past its sell-by date w/ water. Grab some gloves for yourself & clutch the rest off w/ tweezers.

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