How do i get my kitten to sleep?

she's 7 weeks old and i let her run around for about an hour, and she was good all day so i let her have a bowl of the wet gravy kitten food, i was thinking babys got sleepy with a full stomach, but apparently not. then i tried just laying in bed and petting her until she feel asleep, and about another hour she's still awake and it's 5:00 am. i don't want any drugs or anything, but is there anything i can feed her or maybe something i could do to make her sleep. what about warm milk? would that upset her stomach?
Trust me, kittens will sleep only when they are tired. Until then, they are full of energy and my cats when they were kittens kept me up all night too. That will change as they get older. No drugs are needed. Cats tend to sleep 12 hours or more a day.
a good hard smack to the head will put it out for hours maybe even weeks!

OR you could use the warm milk thing. If she's only 7 weeks it won't upset her stomach.
(by the way i was only kidding about the first part!)
Stop trying so hard. She is a cat, she will sleep when she is tired. Just confine her to one room of the house with a comfy spot for her to sleep then leave her alone...and get some sleep yourself.
She's up because your up. Go to sleep. She'll get bored and do the same. Cats are nocturnal. For her it's not bedtime.

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