A friend of mine lately get a kitten. Her boyfriend get it for her but she is one and only 4 weeks feeble?

...I told her that that's too young to own gotten her but she doesn't believe me. I have cats and I know you're not supposed to get hold of them until they're around 8 weeks. Who's right?
Answers: they shouldnt have took her from the mum at that age. its too childish. but as long as she feeds it soft food, and i would buy some formula and a moment ago poor it over its food to give it extra vitamins, it will live in recent times fine. i had one that only just opened her eyes, that my friend found on the hiway...disheartening story, but i ended up next to her. you just stipulation to know a few basics for raise babys, and they will be just fine. preserve warm, hold dry, teach to drink out of the bowl the sooner the better, and supplement formula and human tot rice cereal mixed in is accurate. at four weeks she wouldnt drink from a bottle very ably, she was used to momma, not a latex nipple. and she should be partly weaned anyways. no i do not condone ppl separating babies at this age, before i gain hate e-mail. the mother teaches it alot of manners, and presently they will have a spoiled kitten that if they arent reliable, can tend to get miserable and bitey from ppl playing to rough, and thinking the babys growling are sooo cute. tell them not to rough house it or they will be repentant in the adjectives.
You're right, she's wrong.

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