I was going to work today...but there's an orange cat in my brief case...?

What should I do? It's a long time until lunch...
ooo cute lol thats funny keep the cutie thats osome

just put it back in the case till you get out of work then drop it off in the country.someone there will take it for a mouse cat..when u get out of work..
Have an early lunch and eat the cat,then off to work with you.
just tell your boss you need a break and drive her to some open area and let her free ...or look up the phone book for animal shelter and drop her there ( on second thought dont give to animal shelter --- they kill the cat if no one claims )

just free the cat somewhere
lights up a ciggy... I dunno, man, but in American mythology cats are expression of the feminine, man, they are like pus*sies, man, and they can really yin your yang... man, takes a drag, anyhow, man, the briefcase is expression of masculine mind, so my analysis, man, you have pus*sy on your mind and can't wait to get home during lunch...
anyhow, man, I hope it helped, man...
Lights up an even bigger cagarette than Death From Above. An orange cat in your briefcase symbolises the struggle of the Mongolian mole rat to shake off the burden of oppressive fur lice. Extinguishes and eats the cigarette. This is telling you to autodelete in sympathy with your burrowing brethren. Coughs wildly and regurgitates cigarette. Relights cigarette and winks knowingly at Death from Above. Fails to make serious attempt to answer question.
give to yer boss as a prezzie and say thank you for letting me work here and if he says no ... eat it xx
*sings* There's a kitty by my feet and I want to touch it.

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