Is it true that pine can damage a cat?

Answers: I am not sure whether you mean pine as surrounded by chips from the tree, or pine as in pine sol. I will assume you tight from a tree, and answer accordingly.

Yes, pine and cedar chippings can damage a cat. Actually, they are considered toxic and a major result in of respiratory problems for most small animals, from puppies, ferrets, and snakes, to rodents, tortoises and hedgehogs, and as such should be avoided at adjectives costs. A much safer alternative is aspen or cypress mulch.

If that is what you designed, then I hope that help, if not, I sincerely apologize almost making you sit through my vet-tech babble. Be lucky you missed my diatribe on the hazard of feeding your animals raisins and grapes :-p.

Good luck!
I enjoy heard that pine oil are bad for small animals. Can I use Feline Pine for other small animals? Because Feline Pine, Feline Pine Scoop and All Pet are fired at elevated temperatures (380 degree F) most of the aromatic hydrocarbons (dangerous oils contained by aromatic woods) are burned off past it reaches the final processing stage. In the final stage, the wood is compressed to 1/9th it’s ingenious size and heat-treated again. This final stage squeezes out and burns off any residual chemicals which may hold been missed. The results are smaller quantity than 1-part-per-billion of these dangerous chemicals, a standard that far exceeds affairs of state regulations to be considered safe and free of hazardous chemicals.
Not true.
If it be, they wouldn't sell kitty litter made out of pine chips, presently would they.
NO--Pine will not harm your cat. But, a great deterrent to hold cats out of where you don't want them to be is to spray the nouns with full strength Pine Sol. I won't injure the cat, but they HATE the smell of it and won't go close by it. Hope this clears this up. If pine were hurtful to cats, they wouldn't sell it as litter, immediately would they?

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