Why does my cat shake/twitch when he is sleeping?

He trembles and shakes when he is in weighty sleep, usually his paws or areas of his facade. Do cats really have nightmares?
Answers: Cats and dogs enjoy sleep cycles much like our own. The twiching is usually a sign that they are surrounded by or near REM sleep. In humans, when we are surrounded by REM sleep, our eyes are rapidly moving. It's also the time when our brains are most stirring, sorting through information learned during awake times. It's equal thing for our critters. When they sleep, not individual is the body getting rest, but thier brains are processing information learned, and reinforcing what they already know. The more influential your pet, the more likely they are to dream. The twitching is much equal as when we toss and turn. The younger the animal is, the more likely they are to dream too, as most of what they experiance is different.
my cat does similar things...i think he's dreaming.he'll twitch and see and keep busy...lol

i'm not sure around nightmares though.if you've ever seen dogs sleep they twitch and howl and run and do adjectives kinds of crazy stuff surrounded by their sleep.if dogs can then i dont see why cats cant do it too
at hand is nothing to verbs about its probably basically dreaming ours do it all the time its reasonably funny to sit and watch them.

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