Any obedient kitten name?

We recently adopt one of our foster kittens. He is just nearly 6 weeks old. Kitten looks to be some sort of siamese mix because he has a white body near light gray sort of stripes around her ankles and have gray feet and ears and the tip of her frontage. Someone told me its called lilac or lynx point. (just to dispense you an idea) I have be calling him "Kitten" and "Baby" and am starting to feel discouraging because he has be in our home lately short of his third week. I like the mark Tucker, but he just doesn't look resembling one. Very cute little guy, so I think he deserves a cutsey label. Any help?
Answers: ably... you can name him after:
1: where on earth did you get him
2: what is his colour
3: what is his attitude
4: where on earth does he go alot
5: how giant or low is his voice

my cat's name is mazda because she be found under a mazda coup¨¦. my sis's cat name is scallywag because he was found contained by a canal. so at hand are many name to choose from but there is lone one name that can be picked, enjoy a nice day next to your cat. and hope you pick your cat's name sooner or subsequent.

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