Is my cat sick?

my cat throws up on a regular basis. It happens at least once a week. She has long hair and usually throws up hair balls. Other times it is just food that has not been chewed AT ALL. I don't know if I should start feeding her wet food or what to do. She is obviously having issues chewing her food. Please help!
I know cats that do the same thing. Do you ever notice your cat also licking things like air ducts, or carpet, or furniture, in addition to cleaning itself? If you do, that is prob the cause of the throwing up, in conjunction with all of the long hair in its stomach. I have three short hair cats, and one of my cats gorges itself the second I feed it, and it usually throws up barely chewed food when it does this. I would say to perhaps lessen the amount of food that you feed your cat at feeding time to see if that helps with the throwing up of the food and I would try to get some hairball medicine to see if that helps too. My friend's cat is exactly the same way, so I don't think your cat is sick, it just needs a little help from you. Hope this helps and your kitty gets better! Oh, the other thing, if you think your cat is having trouble chewing the food you have, you can always add a little water to the food and microwave it for a few seconds and mix it up. When I used to work in a petstore we did that for our kittens to help them chew and digest the food a little better. This way, you don't have to go out and buy new food and your cat is still getting the same nutrition. Of course, if you are truly worried that its sick, you should check with your vet. Good Luck!
if oyur cat is sick take it to the vet or give some kind of medicne.
No worries! My cat does that all the time and hes fine. I guarantee you your kitty is just eating to fast but if it does persist and she starts losing weight or other symptoms accompany it then you need to take her to the vet. But more likely than not she just eats to fast.
If your cat is a long haired cat, hairballs are a fact of life and can happen quite frequently. After my cat had to have an operation for a petrified hairball in his intestine, I really became interested in any way that I could cut down on this problem. I found that brushing him every day, even if it is only for a few minutes really helps (and also keeps my carpets cleaner). I also only feed him food designed especially to prevent hairballs. It really helps.

As far as the food thing...I've found that sometimes it can be cause of him eating too fast. If you have other animals around when she is eating, it might make her eat faster to "get it all for herself", so feeding by herself might help there. I also think that sometimes my cat will have some problem with certain foods themselves, and so maybe try feeding another type of food.

Hope this helps.
Cats vomit. Fact of life. 1x week could easily be the result of hairballs. Even if there's no hair in the vomit, the food could be coming up again because there's some residual hair in the trachea or stomach. I have 4 cats and I ususally get a 'gift' about 1x week also. Make sure you brush your long-haired cat every day for at least 5 minutes. Your cat will looooove you for this! Also, you can try some Petromalt- it's kind of like a fish-flavored vaseline that helps hairballs pass. You could also switch the cat's diet to something very high-quality like Wellness or Nature's Recipe- sometimes the ingredients in more commercial food will irritate the cat's digestive system and cause more vomit. I agree with the others saying the cat may be bolting its food. Feed it small portions more frequently- ie: give it a small handful, wait a few minutes, give it another small handful. If your cat is a mature adult and not elderly, she should have no problem eating dry food and it's healthier for her teeth. If none of the above helps, and/or the cat starts vomiting more frequently, or the vomitus is a dark color, or you see blood or bile, then you will need to take the cat to the vet.
One of ours used to do this throwing up unchewed food - usually biscuits, we stopped it by making sure there is always a bowl of biscuits available so she can eat them whenever she wants so now she eats less of them more often and does not throw up.

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