"Designer Dogs"?

Is anyone else annoyed that people are cross breeding dogs and giving them cute little made up name and selling them for hundreds of dollars when the same dog can be rescued from the pound or resuce groups? It make me mad that population are intentionally breeding these "designer" dogs when so many die within shelters every day.
Answers: Basically the "Designer Dog" item is just a scam trying to rip sour the uninformed public. No responsible breeder breeds mixes so these dogs are coming from backyard breeders and puppymills. The parents aren't even good respectable specimens of the breed with correct temperaments for the most constituent. So folks are paying huge amounts of money for poorly bred mutts with highly developed than normal fortune of health and behavioral problems and since the "breeder" have no interest in the dog after the check clears the mound they aren't there to to assist when the problems show up and a high percentage of them wind up up in the pound.

In answer to the poster above no responsible breeder breeds outside their breed and creates mutts. If you own a problem in your string or your breed then you do trialling and only breed dogs beside passing examination results to reduce or wipe out the problem. You support research being done to find the exact mode of inheritance and DNA test for the problems.
i agree its stupid. people can effortlessly adopt a dog/pup its not hard.

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