5 month out-of-date puppy next to 2 sets of teeth surrounded by mouth at once?!?

My shih tzu is 5 months old.. when I be brushing her teeth this morning I noticed most of her teeth enjoy a second one in bringing up the rear it... I know they lose their baby teeth and capture adult teeth but are they usually within the mouth at the same time? Also, her vet said she will singular spay her at 7 months old... does that seem to be late to anyone else? Thanks
Answers: Your vet will verbs the residing baby teeth when you capture her spayed at 6 months. I would NOT wait until 7 months. All you requirement is for her to come into a heat cycle. I enjoy seen heaps Shih Tzu's come into season at 7 months! You are the owner, you tell your veterinarian that you want her spayed at 6 months. If your vet refuse, get a up to date vet (that is a BIG red flag in my book).

P.S. Yes, it is not singular for dogs to have residing babe teeth.
Seven months is fine. And it is a good article for your dog because if the baby teeth don't go down out by that time your vet can remove them while she is spayed. Too many vet are altering waayyyy too early. You hold a good vet. Just be sure to point out that she have some retained baby teeth at her spay, so your vet can pinch them out.

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