Dog separation anxiety.?

we have a 3 year frail mini-dachshund whom we believe has separation anxiety. what are some tips contained by coping with this?
Answers: First you involve to find out if it actually is separation anxiety. She could a short time ago be misbehaving because you are gone or she could just be mostly anxious or simply in call for of more training. If she is barking up a storm, it could be that she is anyone bothered by outside noise or is simply fearful.

If it is separation anxiety, you want her to be cool, calm and collected and enjoy herself when she is alone. There are lots methods for doing this including using really great treats and coming/going without any fanfare and giving her extra exercise. If it is a more intractable problem, in attendance are medications and yelp collars that you can use together with other methods to concordat with her anxiety.

This article discussions about tons different methods. Some combination of these can work for your dog but I would first be sure that it is separation anxiety and not something else including physical problems.

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