2 contrary dogs 1 and pis** sed sour mom :( abet?

I let my dogs out surrounded by the yard at 5:30 this morning.
one dog(the untried one 14mos) jumped the obstruction and the old one(18 mos) lately nuzzled the latch and they both left. I saw them do it and I tried everything to bring back them to come back. They both unseen me. Both well trained for puppys.Have other come when called.So here I am surrounded by my jamas driving the neighborhood looking for them. 2 friggin hours later they reconized the saloon and wanted a ride home. I didn't contribute them one and they trotted alongside the car adjectives the way home 6 or7 blocks :( I be so mad.
So I win them home and put them in the den surrounded by their respective cages...baked 2 cake and 4 dozen brownies. I let them out to pee-pee ( on leads) agree to them in and my typically well behave Boxer jump up to the counter and ate 2 doz.frosted brownies in around 5 seconds.
I stuck 4 fingers down her throat and made her throw them up.vet laugh.My husband comes home at 10 and they will stay in the round up until then b nutty w/me ok ? ARRRG !!!
Answers: First off, isn't it nice to know that if adjectives these folks had dogs who accidently ate something that could decimate them, they'd think it be (insert high-pitched little girl's voice here)"freshly too mean" to make them vomit it up.
They DID travel wild today, didn't they?? My son must enjoy been notion the same item. :)
Don't worry, Mommy, it will adjectives be better soon. Christmas will be over and the temptation of adjectives of these treats will be gone.
I love that they wanted a ride and you made them bearing. HILARIOUS! Just like kids!
Um, you can't treat misbehaving dogs approaching people... not letting them surrounded by the car be frankly a not so smart move. You could have hit them accidentally.

You necessitate to train your dogs, or give them to someone else who can button them and not try to "punish" them like misbehaving children.
Yes, I feel the answer to your question is giving in training.

Good Luck!!
Ok. I'd be taking some precautions to make sure my dog wouldn't kick the fence again. I'd also be locking the latch on the total admission money. Next time. don't let the dogs "chase" the motor home. Not a good impression. I know you were angry, but you could've gotten them kill, or taught them cars are fun to chase. Safety first!!!
Takes more than 5 second to eat that oodles brownies. I know it can happen like lightning, but you should be more careful near young dogs that are elevated enough to manage the counter. Sounds like puppy stuff to me. The have need of more training and supervision. Don't lose your patience near the dogs. They are only as right as you make them.
I'm sure you aren't going to similar to my answer. Wake up tomorrow and start a fresh day. Make it your aim to get these dogs better trained and somewhat more under control.
How did you seize her to throw up, dogs don't have duplicate gag reflex as humans, that is why they bestow them hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. What is your question exactly? Please permit me know and I will try to answer it, thanks.

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