Anyone hold a dog one "cured" of food agression?

i have a 6-7 month old-fashioned mongrel puppy who used to be very food aggressive. it used to be never nurture him with the other dogs, never own treats or toys lying around & even through the gates he would try to attack the other dogs when they get too close to his bowl or treats.
we have kept him seperate beside other dogs apart from his alpha dog which is funnily enough my maltese (the mongrel is a GSD mix). he have not stopped growling through the gates at the other dogs, he can be surrounded by the same room when they are given some chew bones or toys. he still growls at the other dogs but he hasn't so far attacked any (touch wood)
as expected we monitor them when they get treats etc. but when we are around we other leave alot of chew toys and pigs ears and luscious things around. alot so he knows at hand is always some vanished for him. it seems to be working but i am still enormously on edge so i be wondering anyone have a dog/puppy who have been "cured" from his food aggression/ "possessiveness" so i can relax! tks
Answers: You want to put the dog in its place. It isn't proper around here. Any dog that demonstrates aggressive behavior is dealt next to swiftly and harshly. They will be corrected, separated and feed last. Works every time. Dogs chomp through according to rank. If a dog is feed last it is recounting it, it is of a lower status. Therefore they will get the message.
i assume that you should tell the dog near a firm no when he growls,no matter what it is! and afterwards lock him in a room for 5Min's,or nick the treat/food/toy away! he will then cram that him growling,results to him not getting anything just coz he growls! i enjoy a 1yr old dog and a 9week antiquated puppy,and they get on really very well but sometimes my puppy will really growl and my other dog ( this is not play believe me!) so He will get told bad and sent out the room.! its for his own safety,and when he is aloud out he might pass on doing that and other dogs will not put up with it! i reflect if you don't tell the dog as rash as possible then you will hold a problem!

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