A dog next to 7years is have difficulties to bequeath birth ? (daschound )?

My dog has seven years and looks that she is have difficults to give birth ,what can i do immediately ?
Last time I give a shot of placentina or coristina to help out and it worked very capably.
Answers: placentina or coristina? What is that?

You need to see a vet for her if she have difficulty. Obviously if she has have puppies in former times, she can pass them unless they are not placed correctly.

I wouldn't breed her after this age. She requirements a rest. Seven plus is just too infirm to breed.
Well why don't you just do that again?

Or better but, why don't you get the poor suffering animal to a vet and never breed again? You own no right to do this to an animal. What the hell is wrong with you?

Well if it worked once, try it again. Of course you could stop breeding her, or depend upon your Vet.

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