12 lb dog not intake, possible hairball...?

My 12 lb Norwich terrier plays with a golden retriever and sometimes comes home and coughs up/throws up a hairball or two.

They hung out yesterday for a long time and this morning he refuse his breakfast. He ate a little bit of white rice and threw that up... we found small bits of carrot... a few small VERY tight hairballs and rice. I'm concerned that another hairball contained by there might be big, and blocking his intestine a bit... he is walking around some and drinking river. His BM this morning was runny but contained no blood or fuzz. He does not seem contained by awful shape.. just not consumption still and he seems content to lounge around. I can share he is uncomfortable.
Answers: Watch the dog in moderation overnight. If he's stable, then appointment the vet FIRST THING in the AM!

However, if he starts to crash at adjectives, he needs to bring into an emergency vet ASAP. If you don't have that information handy, locate it right very soon and map it out so that you aren't fumbling when you should be driving.

Good luck and I hope that the pup is ok. : )
It could be anything. Take your dog to the vet; don't risk his life.

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