17 week weak german shepherd?

Here is my first question.
Our puppy is in a minute roaming free in the house. In the dark he used to cry every few hours but since he hit his 15-16 week period he suddenly started sleeping through the dark. We usually put him out to do his business at around 11 pm and then he sleeps by our bed until similar to 7-8 in the morning. Is this regular? I am just afraid that he might be releasing himself on the runner somehwere while we are sleeping (although cant find any stains). During the day he other goes to the door when he requests to go potty.

My second ask is that is it commonplace for him to sniff my bottoms? I feel a bit self-conscious. As long as it is not something sexual I am ok with that. I am more approaching his mother figure and not his mate you know.
Answers: Yes at that age puppy should be capable of do his nights confidently so there should not be a problem.

As far as bottom sniffing, dogs own scent glands near their bums which is how they can report themselves apart. He is just checking to see who you are and to influence hello.

It is nothing sexual. It is a everyday greeting.
ummm i have a puppy too and he sleeps contained by a cage still, but we consent to him out at like 9:30p.m., afterwards i let him out at 6:30 within the morning. your puppy just have a very strong bladder!

adjectives male dogs do this as puppies!
i hold a GSD and yes its compleatly normal. mine is 4 months out-of-date (less than 17 weeks) and thats what he does too. we let him out around 11 then thats it unitll morning.

and yes its also majority for him to sniff your bottom. dogs get your "identity" from smell and they do tend to divert to the bottom nouns. nothing sexual

dutiful luck

EDIT: to the person below who markedly dosnt know anything.
as i sed above my pup is only 4 months and i enjoy never had any problems near my GSD roaming around the house free. as long as you train him/her not to eat everything he see's he'll be fine.
i wouldnt recommend crate training.

your doing a fine job. hold on to it up
Having a 17 week old GSD roaming the house unsupervised is almost the worst idea ever. Once he starts teething and chewing everything to bits, you will feasible want to invest some money in a crate. Every dog should be crate trained, even if you don't hold on to them in within that much (helps with boarding, traveling, safekeeping, etc).

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