Information on the dog breed call (Jackadoodle)?

looking for spacifics on tipical temperments and charecteristics
Answers: Jack Russel Terrier X Poodle.

Jack Russels are a terrier breed that is totally smart but also hyper.

Poodles can be smart or not, depending on if they have be over-bred.

So, are your jackadoodles a first cross (a Jack Russel parent and a Poodle parent) or 2nd or later cross (Jackadoodle X Jackadoodle)?

Try to go and get aquainted with the parents, first.

If you are not able to button a small hyperactive dog, don't get one.
in good health, it's a franken-dog, so you get what you seize.
Not going to get any - can't win any when y ou cross breeds. There is NO standard for mixed breed dogs - it's a toss up, a mixed bag, an indecision, an unknown.

Anyone that tells you differently is yank your chain.
Wow easier said than done question to answer.. What can one transmit someone about a mixed breed dog.. A dog i.e. bred with no regard to health, temperament.. There is no standard to breed for, in attendance is no reason to breed the dogs.. OH yeah the foundation I guess the bybers and puppymills breed them is for money.. I don't think that's a polite reason, but that seem to be theirs...

You are talking a mixed breed dog, no consistency to breeding mutts.. You can merely guess as to what the health, temperament, size or anything else might be.. There is not a soul who is a reputible breeder, an ethical breeder, who is breeding for mixed breed dogs.. You should check the shelters for the mutts they have available..

Jackadoodle is not a breed..
they are not a breed in recent times a new fancy designation for an over priced mutt.

if u really want one don't got to a 'breeder of mutts' try collect a life!

near is no way that a doodle anything can be what the BYB say they are... jack genes are still thereso then the shedding is as on ect.
A Jackadoodle is NOT a is a mix. Being a mix there is no set traits, characteristics or temeprament. It is up for grab even among pups in duplicate litter. They can take from one breed or another or from both..if from both they can be a short time stronger in one consequently the other..they can inherit both the good and fruitless from each breed.

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