A dog put somebody through the mill?

I read a book in the forth category and a dog breed was contained by it. It was a chnook (spelt it wrong) and is it still around?
Answers: Yes Chinooks are still rightly rare but they are making a comeback. About 25 yrs ago near were lower than a hundred of them left. Currently the breed is registered near the FSS (Foundation Stock Service) at the AKC.

Their club contact information is:

Chinook Club of America, Inc.
Cheryl Colligan - AKC Liaison
834 North 5th Street
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814; 208-660-4574
email: saghalie@aol.com

Patti Richards
PO Box 276
Fair Haven, VT 05743, Phone (802) 265-4883
email: Director@chinookclubofamerica.org
website: http://chinookclubofamerica.org
Chinook - yup heres a website

There is a fairly special breed of sled dog called a Chinook. Here are some links

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