11 year out-of-date Dachshund abused, enjoy him two years how do I house break him?

My husband rescued our Dachshund two years ago, we can't seem to house break him of have accidents contained by our house. He does go outside as resourcefully. He was contained by a create all the time, I be aware of that I can't do that to him after all he have been through. He also have many other issues. We can't put his sea bowl down without him attacking us, we can put down his food though. Yes, he have bitten a few times, myself and husband. He seems to hold his own set of rules. If I am in the bed beside the dog watching t.v. and my husband passes by he go for an attack on my husband. He has done it next to me as well. No, I don't want to put the dog down. I have heard that dogs are much happier when they are house broken.
Answers: You are trying to brand name up for your dogs past by treating him resembling a king now and paying the price for this. I regularly foster rescue dogs from appalling backgrouds but when they set foot here the recent past is gone and it is the future I hold to think more or less and how I am going to help this dog to become a fully funcional ethnic group pet.

This is what you need to do, stop trying to receive up for the past and within so doing alowing your dog to be a brat.

The 1st thing my rescues inevitability to learn pretty often is to be a dog and I do that by treating them close to a dog!

The second thing is where on earth they belong in the higherarchy of my home. and that is to say at the bottom!

The above is done by exersising the rules of leadership and not alowing my investigational arrivels any priviliges reserved for me and my family and this would definatly not plan he could lay in my husbands bed near his wife and attack him as he walked by! You must sort this out as it is at the root of copious of your problems. There are many upright books on the market which will tutor you about canine practice and their need for a well-mannered pack leader, but at one and the same time as doing some reading why not get the serve of a qualified canine behaviourist who could help you near a program of work.

The 3rd thing is not to use my home as a toilet! Even dogs who enjoy had fruitless times with crates (I enjoy one in at the moment) can cram to feel slightly happy and safe and sound in one and it is an invaluable toilet training tool. Go final to the begining with your toilet training, out every 2-3hrs, create sure any areas which have be soiled in the house surrounded by the past are thoroughly cleaned beside a solution to get rid of the scent which will attract your dog rear legs in adjectives (I use a biological washing powder solution), maybe attach your dogs lead to your belt while contained by the house(an umbilical) so he can't wander rotten and pee when you are not watching him and yes maybe introduce a crate.

It can be done but it will give somebody a lift time and has to start near your reasessing who's in charge within your house, yourself and your husband or the dog.

It may sound close to boot camp but it isn't really nearby is plenty of love and affection, strokes and titbits too but always for biddable behaviour never taken as a right that dosn't own to be earned.
You requirement the assistance of a personal dog trainer. Someone who really knows exactly what they are doing.

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