2 cats won't capture along next to hot puppy!?

Is there any road to get my 2 cats to win along with my latest 16 week old puppy?

We of late brought him home a couple days ago and I know it takes time but the one cat hisses and swats at him if he get to close and the other cat hasn't come out from under the couch since the hours of daylight we brought him home!!!

Is there any process to speed this process of them getting to know eachother along??

The puppy is now afraid of the one cat and bark at her and I don't think the puppy even know we have another cat cuz it's be hiding the whole time!

We've made sure not to furnish the puppy too much attention over the cats. We've tried hard to hold on to everybody equal in the house even though next to housetraining the puppy that's hard to do.

But, yeah, is in attendance anything else we should be doing to help?
Answers: They will most predictable mellow out and the cats will relax and try to reclaim their home. That is what our cats did when we got my dog. Just permit them get used to it on their own, they will adjectives learn.
Well i hope you unhurriedly introduces them as not to create chaos. There is an art to introducing a latest pet into an already established house. but some cats just don't ever procure used to dogs. Be sure they each own their own space, try a baby proceeds that the cat can jump, but the puppy can't

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