Do dogs' nipples start to get big before they have puppies or after they have puppies?

My dogs' nipples are getting bigger each day for about a week. We've looked outside and we can't fing any puppies. We don't know if she already had them or if they are still inside her. Please help, thank you.

They get bigger when a dog is pregnant, yes. But they also get bigger when a dog is in heat. So she might not be pregnant, just going through heat.

Please get your dog spayed.
before, because they have to be ready to feed the pups..
I don't know, but it sounds like it. That answer about her being in heat might be true also!
After they have puppies,becuasethe milk inside is swelling up to a bursting point. No worries though, once the puppies have moved on to water, The swelling should go down in a few weeks.
befor If youre dogs are looking biger then get her to a vet she is expecting
Haha most definately the nipples start to get bigger, she starts to fill up with milk before the puppies are born. She show up prepared for the job!

You'll know if she has had one.. First litter, you'll likely
hear her, she isn't likely to leave a puppy outside and come in, might tho if she is young...
they get bigger as the pregnancy progresses. If you are worried about them still being in her, feel her belly. It wil still be big, and you will be able to feel the babies moving around a bit.
Before. Not only will the nipples start to enlarge, the teats (milk bags) will start to drop and fill up with colostrum before she whelps, too. My Dane's bag dropped a full 4-5 inches below her belly before she whelped a couple of years ago. And the last two teats, hung a full six inches below her body!

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