How much do I deal in my dog for and what do I call for?

I have a 11-12 week feeble Chow Chow color (Red) I bought him for $350 and he had his first booster shots. I afterwards took care of him and he get his other booster shots. He is very natural and kinda potty trained. Everytime when a stranger or a guest come to my house, he barks and bark at them. Because I'm moving, I was wondering how much can I get rid of him for and what do I need surrounded by order to get rid of him. I do have his booster shot archives and the sales contract when I bought him. Please Answer but please don't influence I should keep him or something because I'm moving to another house. Thanks!
Answers: Well, it is outlandish that you just get this puppy and you are already moving to a place where you can't enjoy him, but I would suspect that because he is about out of the prime socialization time (13 weeks), you probably can't get what you salaried for him. Also, you're not a licensed breeder so people are probably leery of buying from you. You may basically have to bequeath him away.
Sell him for what you bought him for...Just be a little picky to whom he go to...Don,t just grant him to the first person next to cash!

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