4 year frail schnauzer...?

We just purchased a 4 year hoary schauzer from a breeder who has have her since she was born. She be kept in a small fenced within area- We purchased her as an inside dog. She is being thoroughly shy, and want really eat or drink. Is this typical for a schnauzer? I figure she is probally a moment ago a little shook up from the variation. Is there anything we can do to lend a hand? She has never eatin any character of table food. She is not sick in anyway. Im of late needing a couple of tips on these genus of dogs. Thanks!
Answers: give her time to adjust... it will pinch a few days she is out of her element.
Yes, she is probably in recent times nervous, and should settle within soon.

Get her a kennel to lay down in, so she know she has a protected place to go.
The breeder did a fundamentally insensitive thing, short of probably if she were terminally not at your best.

They are as smart as 3 year old humans...how would you settlement with a 3 year hoary sans vocal chords and a thumb...but can smell a different world around her?

I would give the name a top notch kennel and ask their homesick procedures
Why aren't you calling and chitchat to the breeder? Odds are if she was kept out surrounded by a small pen she was not capably cared for and near is no reason to believe that here is nothing medically wrong next to her -- did you take her to the vet already and the vet checked her economically - did blood work and fecal studies on her? If not then in attendance is no way of knowing she is 'not sick'. These 'kind of dogs' are usually, if well bred and care for, very delighted go luck, playful, outgoing dogs -- most any dog will munch through when they are hungry - dog food. She likey is a little 'shook up' from the exchange since she isn't being completely neglected immediately but she should be happy and slightly adjectives about her contemporary surroundings but 'very shy' is not a usual temperament for a Schnauzer. Do not give her the run of the house - probably too much stimuli for her -- find a slightly, warm place that you can be surrounded by the same nouns as she is and not push her -- let her come to you and consent to her alone some too with her food and wet... she is adjusting but I would cause sure the vet checked her and know that you cannot 'see' whether she is sick or not just because you want to see that...

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