Can you put seven dust on amimals (dog) for fleas?

Do Not use Seven Dust on your dogs. As described by another writer it is a very harsh substance that will irratate your dogs lungs and digestive track when they groom themselves. My answer below was voted best answer several times by others.

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Not to sound like a Know-it-all but there is a very natural way of dealing with fleas. First your home and yard needs to be decontaminated. The best method for doing that is a little bug called a nematode. They are available in powered form in 16 oz plastic bottles. You know the old saying "Every dog has its fleas and each flea has his flea", well the nematodes are the fleas flea. They bore into the flea and lay their eggs literally destroying the ability of the flea to lay eggs killing the flea at the same time.

Take the powder and lightly sprinkle it on the your carpeting, it will not hurt the carpet, then lightly spray your carpet with a fine mist of water. Don't walk on the carpet yourself until it is dry. It is ok to let the dogs walk on it. Then do the same to your whole yard. It will be about a week but the fleas will be gone.

The nematodes will become dormat when there is no food but when there is food they multiply profusely, then will go dormat again.

The dog needs to be fully defleaed at the same time. The best method I have found to do that naturally, is to use a combination of Avon Skin-So-Soft (original formula not the scented stuff) and mild shampo (J&J Baby Shampoo works best). After having used regular mild shampoo to clean the dog, bathe your dog again using the SSS, putting a full 16 oz bottle in the bath tub full of warm water. Just soak your dog very throughly. Do Not dry your dog off. Take it straight outside and let him dry off naturally. Of course don't let him role in the dirt etc. This will take about an hour to do but is the best overall method.

The SSS will stay on his coat and act as a conditioner as well as be a deterant to the fleas. The SSS is a natural mineral oil and will help with your dogs skin irratation from the flea bits and will kill any left over fleas and eggs from the shampoo cleaning.

Best wishes in your project. Fleas are a big problem everywhere I have ever lived and this was the best way to get rid of them you want to kill the dog as well as the fleas too?
yes we used to do it all the time and it never hurt them
They do make special flea medicine for animals . Try one of those
Read the labelling. If it says nothing about application to animals, it would be foolish and dangerous to do so. If it says specifically not to use on animals, then using it on an animal would be plain stupid.
I work in a retail store. and i 'believe' you can. Make sure you read the directions on the back.. it'll tell you 'there' !!
NO! Its harmful to animals!
NO!! Don't use Bio Spot either. Seven dust won't hurt the dog if they sniff (we used it this summer for killing ants). BUT DO NOT APPLY ON THEM. Killing fleas is an expensive job and should use Frontline. Had a HORRIBLE reaction with my dog on bio spot
Buy some Frontline from here:
You won't ever have to worry with fleas again.
(We lived on a farm, and my father used Sevin dust on our dogs without killing them).
Seven dust kills fleas and other insects by impaling them. Seven dust is composed of tiny spear like crystal shards called diatoms. Diatoms are fossilized microorganisms. It would be like a person being thrown through a glass window. Imagine what these little things, when inhaled, would do to your dogs lungs.
Yes, Sevin dust can be used on animals, I have done so for years with no ill effects (except on ticks). It is real effective on ticks, so so on fleas, but will do nothing about flea eggs. For the best results contact your vet for a medicine that will kill the adult flea and the eggs and larvae. There are several good ones on the market.
If I have to put a chemical on my dog, I would only feel safe if it is meant to be used on dogs! You are talking about insectisides. The concentration put on an animal's skin is very different from what is put on a lawn or inanimate object. I recently had our first flea incident after 6 years! Panic set in and I tried flea bath which did nothing, flea sprays (hartz) which also did nothing, and finally applied Frontline. It took about 3 days, but then he was fine. I also got armed with carpet sprays just in case. As it turned out, I think we only had 1 flea on him, but who knows? They jump so fast there could have been 1 or 2 more we didn't see. I will ONLY use frontline. I hear there is also a pill, CAPSTAR, which kills everything on them within 30 minutes but you can only get that in my area (NJ) from a vet. I would have taken him to the vet, but we found this problem on a friday afternoon and of course no vet is open for the weekend so the frontline had to take it's time but it worked! GET THE FRONTLINE NOW! (and the capstar if you can)

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