Wanting info on Dachshunds and fleas?

Is it true that they do not get fleas since they hold hair and not fur or is that a short time ago a myth?
Answers: It's a complete myth. Fleas are not interested in hair/fur, they approaching BLOOD. Even bald animals draw from fleas!!

I'm going to offer some more info that you'll entail on fleas - they can only be kill with they stuff they flog at vets. So, if you own a dachshund that you need to treat, brand sure it's with something close to Frontline, from a vets. Fleas scoff at the rubbish they put up for sale in stores.

Big flab myth!
Absolutely untrue. I have a dachshund and he have had fleas. Only for a severely short while, thank goodness, but fleas do not hold a fur/hair preferance. Besides, dachshunds have fur a moment ago like every dog.
HAHAHAH! thats a apposite one!!

No its not. My dobermans have alike coat like theirs, and they attain fleas if i dont put frontline on them. I wish it be true though.
I own 2 mini dachshunds and they DO have fur!It is NOT HAIR.
They can seize fleas and are prone to allergies as well.(fleas,shampoos,medicatio...
It's a myth. Even humans can achieve fleas on their bodies.
Myth all dogs and even nation can get fleas is they are on a pore diet rich within grains and beet pulp. Ever hear of the bubonic plague? Caused by fleas on family. (As a side note, dachshunds own fur like a average dog)
That is a huge myth, dachshunds just similar to any other breed can get fleas!!

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