I found two ticks on my dog. How long be they at hand?

they were both something like the same size and going on for the size of a kernel of corn. How long would it have to be nearby to get that size?
Answers: It is impossible for any of us to speak about you this. For starters we do not know the type of tick (different ticks, different sizes). You also don't know if this tick is using your dog as a second host. Meaning, the tick could have come off another animal and hopped right onto your dog partly engorged.

However, if the tick looks pretty engorged (swollen) it is very vital to remove the tick as soon as you can (obviously it is important to remove any size tick, but in that is more of a "rush" on engorged ticks).

It is very celebrated to know the correct way to remove a tick. You can certainly infect your dog with a tick born disease by removing the tick contained by an incorrect manner.

Here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...

If you are concerned your dog have contracted a tick born disease, it is best to contact your vet for an appointment for a 4DX Snap Test. It costs around $30 and will check for ALL the tick born diseases, not just Lyme. You will also seize the results in 10 minutes. Good luck!
Only roughly speaking an hour. If they are more imbeded in the skin than they hold been nearby longer.

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