Can a dog bring back eye verbs wager on after eye pops out of socket?

My Pekingese dog is two years old. He come up to me today and could not see out of his right eye. I took him to the et and he said his eye had popped out of socket.That is adjectives for these dogs I know; but, my question is can a dog gain their sight support if their eye pops out of socket and they can't see right after it popped out?
Answers: Not usually. A proptosis stretches the optic nerve, so the dogs loose verbs. Some dogs see a little, but it is never a average eye again.
I hope your vet explained to never put a collar on these dogs. Collars are the number one cause of proptosis within small dogs. The pulling or "slipping" of the collar can knock an eye out of socket. Use a halter.
some do get it put money on but it might not be as good as earlier

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