A dog training put somebody through the mill?

I live in an apartment and enjoy a German Shepherd, that I love. There are several large field near our complex and I would close to to take him bad leash to play fetch. How do I teach him not to run away and not jump too far away?
Answers: You need to go and get to an obedience class and swot up to train the dog properly. You need to hold him 100% on the recall -- the simply reason he will be that agency is if he WANTS to come to you regardless of what is going on around him -- never take him out and train him you have no control though ... which is what you are doing right immediately... take him on a long procession and throw the ball and verbs him back encouraging him the entire time and formulate it worth is while when he comes back... do this every time and don't consent to him run loose or he will learn that he can pay no attention to you when he wants to... it really isn't complex but unless you know how to train then you can really tutor him not to come to you... Good luck.
Is it fenced off? If not I would suggest to use a long, or retractable head. Let him wander far away on the front and then appointment him to come. Train him little by little until you can completely trust him off the organize. If there're traffic near by I suggest going somewhere far from the traffic. Cars are the largest things I worry just about. Otherwise if he's obedient afterwards it should be fine.

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