"pit bulls"?

i love pit bulls but hate when folks say that they are desperate dogs i think its of late how you raise them and that nearby like any other dog what do you judge about pit bulls?
Answers: 10 reason why you can not trust a pit bull<]:]>
10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you are up getting a soda.
9. They will take the treat you provide them and bury in the hindmost yard resembling a paranoid crack head hiding their stash.
8. They will hop on your bed with muddy foot. Making you do laundry…again.
7. They will lick visitors beside an uncontrolled passion solitary they understand.
6. They will create children to smile.
5. They will make you consistency horrible for not walking them by looking at you with weighty sad eyes.
4. They will look at you similar to you committed a crime against them if you don’t let them lick your rime cream bowl.
3. They will cause all-embracing spread happiness surrounded by large group settings.
2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so concrete you think they are going to snap contained by half.
And the number one foundation why you can’t trust vicious Pit Bulls…
1. They will steal your heart like a intruder in the dark, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show.
I agree beside you. It's all in the region of the quality of breeding, and the style they're raised. Granted, within are a few ''bad seeds'' due to horrible breeding, but even that is to say not a fault of the breed, but fairly a fault of unknowledgeable breeders.

I've never met a 'bad' APBT, and I've even met victims of ''dog fighting'', so if they could move about through that, and still be friendly, then that say a lot roughly speaking the breed, in a positive aspect. :)
I agree it is one and the same with any breed it starts beside the breeder and ends with the owner what they turn out to be

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