How do you perceive in the region of great pyrenees?

as guard dogs, protection dogs,family dogs,why are they so stubborn and it's a constant warfare training them , i have two pyr's
Answers: Pyrs are considered to be guardians, not guard dogs. Guard dogs are more dog aggressive and culture aggressive. Where a guard dog will fight to bring back rid of an intruder, a pyr guardian will do pre-emptive barking to alarm the predator away and avoid a fight. They will also stand between their charges that they are protecting and the jeopardy that is present. This is assertive, fairly than aggressive and says "you own to go through ME to return with to my charge(s)." That's a subtle difference, but an important one.

As guardians, I am the most key thing my dogs protect. They do an excellent brief. They use intimidation and size and apparent attitude to maintain me safe. If anyone took accomplishment against me, they would respond and fight if needed, but they are smart adequate to know that intimidation to protect without have to fight is smarter.

They are troop guardians, and well name as "gentle giants". They are loving and placid with their charges. If there's not an animal troop to guard, they will be family guardians.

They are stubborn and harder to train because they be bred to be the shepherd's companion, and they work independently at night so the shepherd can sleep. Since they work independently they enjoy to be able to infer things out and choose a good route to guard the herd. This independent academic streak makes them harder to train, but they can be trained.

I also own two pyrs. Below are my favorite two pyr groups. You're welcome to bind them.

How do I feel roughly them? Well, I'm sorry I didn't learn in the order of them long ago. I love them and enjoy the entertainment of have two. They are wonderful companions. They are highly intelligent. They communicate all right. They scare away the coyotes. They are ultimate for me.
Goodness, they're huge, my husband's boss has them, we go to a party one darkness at their house, those dogs were outside greeting the incoming guest. At the first verbs of those dogs, I want to run back to the vehicle, they look like big polar bear.
I didn't think that they be good for protection... because they be so gentle.

But they tend to be vastly independent, like masses herding dogs, so it can be difficult to draw from them to do what you want, unless they think it is the right article to do.
A friend of mine in West Virginia have one no two of these dogs and they not only protect his fish farm animals from Coyotes
they also protect him too. I have be to his place and once they know you don't think yopu can come ack in need the owner being at hand. You will get bit
I deem that they are so beautiful
This may be too much of a dog for you. Let me relay you about within temperment.The Great Pyrenees is a capable and impressive guardian, devoted to its family, and somewhat shy of of strangers - human or canine. They are often used to guard livestock. When not provoked, it is cool, calm and collected, well- mannered, and somewhat serious. Courageous, very loyal and loyal. Gentle and affectionate with those he loves. Devoted to relatives even if self-sacrifice is required. It is very meek with its kinfolk and children. It does best with children when it is raise with them from puppyhood. It have an independent, somewhat stubborn nature, and may try to dominate a smaller quantity secure owner. A serious worker, but extraordinarily independent. Be patient when training the Great Pyrenees, as it may be slightly difficult. It is crucial to socialize and train this breed properly to insure good citizenship. Male dogs can be aggressive near other animals. The Great Pyrenees is good next to non-canine animals, and usually loves cats. These dogs do not reach readiness until they are about 2 years ancient. Some are not good rotten the leash and may wander away. The Great Pyrenees tend to bark plentifully and some tend to drool and slobber.

You may want to talk to a professional trainer. I have a friend who had 11 of them, so I deliberate they're wonderful,but they do have their distinctive self-worth that you have to filch into consideration.
For the last 15 years, I've other had the company of a GP. At one time, I have 9 of 'em living with me. They are definately stubborn, but the polite definately outweighs the bad.
As a home dog, no breed in my assessment even comes close. They are great with kids and I've never hear of any icidents involving harm coming to owners or children.
For protection, their monsterously loud yelp is normally plenty to deter even a very determined guilty party. If someone does try something with a GP around, and a line member is present, I believe the perpetrator will rate dearly, if not next to his life.

Most immense breeds have a stubborn streak, but the Pyrenees hold tremendous intelligence. The usual training methods dealing with long exercises and repetion don't usually work near them. A dog training school who's decipherable with the breed is your best bet. If this isn't your cup of tea, receive some books that deal beside large breed training and consult beside people who've owned and trained them successfully. I can assure you that the GP are significantly trainable for whatever purpose you call for and when you consider how completely loveable they are, there is no better choice.
I deduce they're really stupid.
My pyr. lived for 16 years at our house out in the country. This is the best setting for one. They are ample dogs that are bred for herding, so require plentifully of room to run or an avid runner in the family connections. Mine was especially protective of my family, the property, the goats, and even my neighbor's property. She really did her share of barking when someone showed up unannounced, but she never bit anyone. She be definitely a line dog, loving to play and believing that she was a knees dog. Their fur is a lot of upkeep, especially within the country. They need greatly of brushing and trimming. Also, keep an eye on the dew claws if yours still enjoy them. They can snag up and get infected. They are great next to cats and any other animal. They are a great dog with lots of love to dispense. Good luck!

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