Who have a pomeranian?

What are they like? What colour do you own? And do you have a picture??
Answers: I groom 3 of them and adjectives 3 are completly different in personality.
One- is very aggressive towards society she doesnt know (thank God I started grooming her when she could fit in one hand)
One- is VERY sweet,shy, and affectionate but doesnt similar to car rides so she never desires to leave when her mom comes to pick her up! lol
One- is VERY hyper and if she have not started out being groomed when she be tiny she would be nearly impossible to do now. lol
But she does wonderful NOW!

All 3 are barkers big time! But they adjectives love coming to my shop to be groomed! They are jumping on the door to win in when they arrive.

All 3 are from different owners.
I've gotten outstandingly attached and love em!
BUT they ARE noisy!

I have one but it ran away =^(

Nicest, most fun dog I ever have and I miss him alot.

He was a sable. So cute too. And lovable.
No picture, sorry. he is suntan colour and a great dog. he spends most of his time under my bed. No one is allowed too close to my home lacking him barking a reproving. he listens okay with incredibly little training. he loves attention. he is the middle size breed. Not full size and not tea cup. a great dog. can be a bit of a yapper at times. My neighbors will tell u that. hope this help.
my pom is the sweetest little angel she is pale red colour its like a blonde white colour and hes the greatest dog I ever have owned
I have 2. One is going on for 5 years old and still have hyper as ever. He's protective of his things though, like his kennel. He doesn't want anyone surrounded by or even near it. My other one is incredibly older. He's about 13 years feeble now and is incredibly relaxed. Lounges around all morning but loves getting all the attention he can attain.

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