Need to knoe if my Rottweiler can chomp through shrimp scampii and not bring sick : /?

Alright. I made shrimp scampii for my boyfriend and he didn't like the style my mom had made the sauce for the shrimp. I made the rest but u knoe lol. Ne agency he wants to distribute it to his American Rottweiler but don't wanna make her sick. All it is spagetti near butter, shrimp, and butter with some garlic or somethin surrounded by it lol.
Answers: If you have an full-grown dog in fitting health I am sure he would delight in this tasty tidbit. If he eat a great deal of it at once he could acquire sick because he isn't used to it.

1. Food is food.
2. Garlic is not known to be toxic to dogs and is an ingredient within many foods and treats. It is related to onions which are set to cause anemia within dogs in even small quantity. Many people use it as a flea preventative although I don't know if that works. Everything contained by moderation and some foods not at all.
3. Butter is made from cream and is a automatic treat that dogs and people similar to very much. Excess isn't honourable but an excess of anything isn't good. Dogs can drink too much sea and get sick as can society.

Dogs can get sick from drinking raw salmon which have a parasite but this is cooked food. I wouldn't feed him the tail although in a full-size dog this probably wouldn't be that much of an issue.

If you want to stick it in the fridge and dole it out over a few days as treats, that would be fine as in good health.

All my dogs eat 'human' food, cooked except for some vegetables and fruits. They hold good teeth, no doggy doomed to failure breath, no fleas, are not overweight, have lots of activeness and seem reasonably content.

Dog food companies are very content that some people chew over fresh, wholesome, cooked foods are toxic for dogs even though they use the same ingredients within their kibble. I really don't understand why ancestors will not feed fresh foods to their dogs but will glibly put powerful chemicals like Frontline on their dogs.
no, not at adjectives, garlic is not good at adjectives for dogs...
Dogs often vomit from seafood. Also it's not secure to feed dogs human food because they are allergic to various things- including too much garlic which you said is in the food.
Stick beside dog food for the safety of your dog.
I wouldnt! All that butter will only make her sick and too much garlic will too.

Garlic and onions - while they don't ALWAYS bring problems in adjectives dogs - are known to potentially mete out major syndrome or fatalities in some dogs. Why whip the chance? The rest of the ingredients should be OK - but if garlic have even "touched" the rest of it I definitely would NOT!
The spaghetti won't hurt him but I would verbs about the butter, most butter is vegetable grease and that usually isn't very dutiful for dogs especially the amount in shrimp scampi, the garlic shouldn't hurt, surrounded by fact if he have a problem with fleas the garlic will relief repel them. What a fancy treat to give a dog!
Please don't allow the dog to guzzle it. My friend's dog died after being feed seafood, most dogs are incredibly allergic to it. Garlic is also bad for dogs, so it would be even more uncertain. Just throw the food away.
You are not supposed to let your pets put away garlic or fatty foods. So, I think it would be a impossible idea
I wouldn't bequeath the dog much, it will probably cause the dog to vomit and conceivably diarrhea. It is richer than what the dog usually eats. All that butter, the shrimp and you enjoy to be careful beside garlic. A little garlic is good, deeply is bad for the dog.
Seafood is not dutiful for dogs. Pull the shrimp out if you're going to give it to her.
I wouldn't Garlic is toxic to dogs, he could be allergic to shrimp, and butter is unpromising for the heart and arteries.
Garlic is definetly not for dogs, anyway, it's HUMAN food, dogs don't eat human food, they munch through DOG food.
Garlic is toxic to dogs.
well he shouldn't but if he give it to the dog already , the dog could be fine not all dogs act in response the same to human foods , one dog could be fine while another might throw up .

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