5 month out-of-date Aussie/border collie mix - agility/exercise ?

Me again - Ok, so she's going to be 5 months next week and I spy that she started to jump to block things when I throw them over her to fetch. I take her out on walk 2ice a day and play a great deal in the house when i get hold of back from work. However, I want to do agility next to her, nothing crazy, purely maybe moral frisbie catching - like up surrounded by the air flying :) ) and would also love for her to run beside me every other year. How old does she own to be before I start really working w/her? I've tried running the final 2 blocks of her walk, but she lately wants to play and receive in front of me to kick. How do I teach her to simply run beside me @ my pace (she's super vigorous already). If I do agility w/her only almost 3 or 4 times a week, is this enough to slake her? She's very live and I love her for it - just want to breed sure that she's getting what she needs.
Answers: no fully fledged agility until she's at least 1 year - puppy agility is ok; they will not do as much next to jumps but more work near tunnels, weave poles and contact equipment.
she also should not jog near you for any distance - you say 2 blocks which is probably ok, but no more (again until 1 year). I would allow her more play time beside other puppies and not make her bound so much to catch things. preserve her brain engaged near obedience and scent games, squirrel away & seek, etc.
You really don't want a puppy jump more than about 1/2 its distance from the ground until it is at least a year prehistoric. Why not try throwing a ball for her instead.

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