3 weeks antiquated puppies; One of them is vomiting white stuff. He's the second biggest, eat greatly and still plays

There is 6 puppies, all borned clean. One was looking sick a couple days ago, the smallest one and I've be trying to get her feed on her own, gave her a tub with nouns tree oil shampoo (she be not nursing, was sleeping adjectives the time, and I thought water would rehydrate her somewhat to give the strenght to nurse... and it in truth worked!) she's looking way better and own been intake l
Today there be some white vomit on and around the puppies when I woke up. They all look fine, they adjectives nurse, walk around and own their eyes open. Later I saw the second biggest manly vomiting that white foamy stuff about 5 minutes after nursing. He looks totally fine; he kept on playing right after... Could they be over-eating?I will bring them adjectives again at the Vet tomorrow, but they're closed today and I live very far from any emergency animal hospital (I could not afford to bring them at hand, anyways...).
I just want to know what I should be looking for or doing until I gain them looked after
Answers: Sounds like you did a great undertaking with the runt. It is possible that he is overeating especially since you indicate he is the largest. This is pretty mundane w/puppies at this age since they are starting to play hard and conspicuously if they play right after eating. Definitely ask the vet tomorrow but unless it become really excessive or he seems to be dehydrating it is probably merely part of the average puppy times.
if money and distance is a problem I would give the hospital a call upon and they may give you some proposal over the phone to tide you over until tomorrow when you go to the vet.
Most places will because they hold the best interest in the pet surrounded by mind.
but don't mis that vet appt.

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