What is the best trick your dog can do, you approaching to show other family?

mine can hide, rollover, roar play dead, nick a bow.paw, other paw, etc...
Answers: I taught my Lab individuals and object acceptance he knows over 55 different population and things. Like i say where on earth is grandma and he goes over to her and sits and places his paw on her. If it is an doubt he retrieves it. He also knows how to pray, he will put both front paw on the bed and put his head down, close to he is kneeling and praying. I will right to be heard Tritan say your darkness prayers and thats what he does. It is so cute. He knows a total of 75 nouns and words. But i have greatly of time on my hands.
Mine can shame me better than any dog I have ever see.
My Beseaun ** tzu Sits Up On His Hind legs and waves his paw, Then He Stands Up on his Hind legs and dances!
mine can hump ur leg
my dog can shake hand so i guess thats pretty cool
I have a Labrador retriever so I usually freshly say "be cute." Its his best trick XD
Milo can crawl on his belly , but the best one is BANG! BANG! You hold out your thumb and index finger similar to a gun and say BANG! BANG! and he wobbles around similar to an shot victim and drip over then roll to his backbone!!!
my dogs are well behave at all times...at home,surrounded by public and with strangers. It's not a trick but it's where on earth we focus our training and energy.
My dog is answering your examine now! he's typing, amazing! seriously
my bunny can stand up on her hind legs on command! thats of late as good as any dog trick by far!!
Mine can address and howl like a fire truck siren.
mine answers 2 for yes and 1 for no to question such as do you want to go out, do you want a treat, 'sing' along next to some songs.
i have 5 shelties that can do awesome tricks and their the cutest things. but milo one of the front males he can do something amazing. he went contained by obedience academy for like 3 or 4 months at pets mart and come in as a dumb dog and out as a brilliant smart dog. one of his tricks is...u win a stick or a chew toy or something and set it far away from him atleast 5 feet and it could be a treat or a peice of food...and he really desires it and u set it infront of him but far away and u say "stay" and consequently he'll stay and then u enunciate "get it" and he'll run up and gain it. its so cool...way better than it sounds..and he can do profusely more.
My buddy has a Jack Russel name Bandit that does a real uncluttered trick. He's trained bandit to pee on people's legs on command when they ask they query, "does your dog do any tricks?"

Its awesome, gotta be seen to be believed.
my dog can spin on her hind legs
my puppy can't do much. she can sit, shake, submerge up.

but if my dad sings ' PEANNUUUT BUTTTTTTTTTTTTER' she barks twice for jelly.
She can Take a bow. That is one of the tricks I own taught her. It wasn't unproblematic before she totally unspoken. When my dog streches, it looks as if she is taking a bow. So, I just made it a command. Everytime she streches I provide her a treat and say pinch a bow. Then she knows what it medium. We're still kinda working on it. ;) She also knows how to do adjectives of these tricks.


Say Hello


Turn Around



Take a nap


Shake hand

Go back

Play Dead

Those are adjectives the tricks I have skilled her. She is pretty familiar next to them.
My dog Gnasher, when someone comes to visit get on her hind legs and gives them a great big grin. I've never certain an other dog to smile before. She's really cool.
There's a small dog surrounded by my local pub who can say (growl) "Yum yums" for a pork scratch. Probably the best trick I've seen so far.
If I win the treat bag out, he will a moment ago take 1 treat out of it and put away that one treat.
my puppy shakes hands and give cuddles. u ask her to give u a cuddle and she jump up and rests her head on your stomach... shes so cute
my blue pit bull can hurdle 5 feet it the atmosphere and hang on a sock im holding next to both hands horizontally.

My black/white pit bull will stand at attention when I hiss and snap my fingers.

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